About Our Hearing Center

The audiologists of Professional Hearing Center pledge to provide comprehensive hearing health care services, ranging from diagnosis to rehabilitation for individuals of all ages. We are committed to assisting each patient towards the goal of improved quality of life through better hearing. More than 42 million Americans have communication impairment. Most of those people can be helped.

Bringing improved hearing and better communication to our patients’ lives is our passion. Seeing people reconnect with their families and loved ones is a tremendous pleasure for us. We strive to continue making such connections and are constantly motivated to do so by the joyful stories that our patients are experiencing through better hearing.

This is our promise to you as we help you along your journey to better hearing:

Education- The more you understand about your level of hearing loss and the technology options available to you, the greater the chances that you will hear your best.

Interview and diagnostic testing- to provide our patients with a better understanding of hearing can improve your quality of life. Diagnostic testing is extremely precise and accurate to provide you with a complete picture of sounds and listening environments that are problematic for you in your lifestyle.

Technologically advanced hearing systems- that will give you the best results for your hearing deficiency and are best suited for your lifestyle

Precise fitting and programing- to ensure that your device will provide you with the comfort and clarity you need and deserve in problematic environments

Ongoing follow-up and personal care- your relationship with us doesn’t end with the initial fitting; ongoing office visits make sure that your hearing aids are always fine-tuned to provide you with the greatest hearing benefits. Cleaning, batteries, and reprogramming for new situations and environments are all included in our follow-up services, making our patients feel like a part of our Professional Hearing family.