Choice is a wonderful thing, particularly when it comes to finding a hearing aid that will meet your needs.

But how do you decide which is the best hearing device for you, with the plethora of options available? Not only is a hearing aid a large investment, it’s an important decision for your hearing loss treatment. Let’s turn that around right away, by considering key questions to ask your audiologist when seeking the device best suited to your needs.

1. What type of hearing loss do you have?

People hear poorly for lots of different reasons.

A hearing test enables the audiologist to diagnose the nature of your individual needs. In turn, this feeds into the ideal features of a device that will give you years of satisfaction. For example, some devices are only suitable for those with mild-to-moderate hearing loss, while a more powerful device is required for severe deafness. The nature of your hearing loss is crucial in a broad sense, for narrowing down your options.

2. What are your hobbies?

Do you like to hike or swim, or do your hobbies involve attending the theater or sitting in quiet groups? Each of these activities places different demands on a hearing aid, such as the ability to cancel out wind noise or being waterproof. When your audiologist is aware of your lifestyle, they can match it up to a device’s capabilities.

3. Do you have physical limitations?

How good are you with your hands? How good is your eyesight?

Be honest with yourself. Miniaturized devices are tiny wonders of modern technology, but the small dials and switches do require a good deal of dexterity. Be realistic about how easy or difficult it would be to change the device’s settings, which again feeds into your selection.

4. How important is appearance?

Would you rather the device was your secret?

For those who prefer discretion, you have a choice of devices that sit fully or partially within the ear canal, making them all but invisible to the casual observer.

5. What is your budget?

Last but not least, be realistic about your budget. However, know that when you choose wisely and select a device you wear consistently, the cost per day works out at less than a daily cappuccino! Speak to your audiologist about finance plans to spread the purchase cost of your device.

Ahead of your hearing test, think through these questions. Use them as a springboard to knowing what you want from a hearing device. Take this list with you to the appointment to discuss with the audiologist.

Audiologists have an extensive knowledge of hearing aids, and they want to match you with your perfect device. Help them to better understand your thinking, and you far more likely to walk away with a device that will serve you well for years to come.