Hearing aids are extremely sensitive pieces of electronic equipment. Most hearing aid problems are caused by inefficient cleaning regimes or build-up of moisture. The key to maintaining a well-functioning device is careful daily cleaning coupled with proper storage of your hearing aids when they are not in use. However, no matter how careful we are sometimes things still go wrong. The good news is that there are a number of things you can try at home before contacting your audiologist. Read the troubleshooting tips below:

My hearing aid isn’t producing any sound at all

  • Make sure the hearing aid is switched on
  • Adjust the volume control to ensure it is turned up high enough
  • Check that the battery compartment is closed and the battery is inserted correctly
  • Try replacing the battery; the one you are currently using could be weak or defective
  • If your device uses tubing make sure that it is connected correctly

My hearing aid is producing a distorted or intermittent sound

  • Try replacing the battery; if it is weak it could be responsible for your aid’s poor performance
  • If your device uses tubing check it for cracks or holes. If there are any present you should contact your audiologist.
  • Check the entire device for blockages, moisture and earwax build-up. Even if none are visible it is worth fully cleaning and drying your device to see if this resolves the issue.
  • If your hearing aid has multiple settings try switching between them; you may have accidentally activated the loop setting
  • If none of the above tips resolve the issue you should contact your care provider as your hearing aid may be damaged or defective

My hearing aids are producing a squealing or whistling sound (feedback)

  • Try turning the volume down it may simply be set at too high a level
  • Remove the device and re-insert it into your ear; the feedback could be caused by an improper fit.
  • Make sure that the microphone is not obscured by earwax or another object such as a scarf or hat
  • Remove your hearing aid and gently clean your ears, feedback can sometimes be caused by wax blockages, which reflect the sound travelling into your ear. Having cleaned your ears you may also find that the volume was in fact set too loudly and this was the cause of the feedback

My hearing aid just isn’t working as well as it used to

  • Remove your hearing aid and give it a thorough, gentle clean
  • If this doesn’t improve its performance and you have been using your hearing aid for two years or longer, it may simply be that your device needs to be adjusted or serviced. You should contact your audiologist to discuss your concerns.