It can be a little scary not knowing what to expect at your first appointment with your new audiologist, so the best way to combat this is with a little research. But where do you start? How do you know what to look for? Well here are some helpful tips to help you prepare for that first appointment.

Think of questions

It is crucial to think of any questions, comments or concerns you may have prior to the appointment. It is also important to think of any questions, issues or concerns you think you may have during the appointment and even after the appointment. Jot all of these questions, comments or concerns down. Yes, write them down because in the moment at the audiologist’s office during your appointment you probably will forget most of what you were thinking beforehand because you are being given so much information during the actual appointment. So write it down. Nothing is too stupid or dumb to ask. All questions, comments and concerns are valid and great to talk to your audiologist about at your appointment.

Bring someone with you

It may seem silly, but asking a friend or family member to come with you to your first appointment is a very smart idea. Not only will they be there for you for moral support, but they can also be your second set of ears to listen to all of the information that your audiologist will be giving you during your appointment. They can also help to ask questions for you during the appointment in case you forget to. They can also take notes for you so that you can read over them after the appointment. They can be your rock, your extra set of ears and your confidant through this time.

Do your research

Another great way to help you prepare for your appointment is to do your research. This means checking the clinic and the audiologist through their website, viewing what services they offer, who is on staff and what hearing devices they recommend. Research what an audiologist does. Watch videos online to know what tests are done and how the tests are done during the appointment. Talk to others, either friends or family members or your family doctor for advice or opinions. This researching can also help to create more questions for your appointment, but this is a good thing and will help both you and your audiologist get to know each other and what each of you would like to accomplish through this initial appointment.

Your first appointment with an audiologist will be an exciting and rewarding time. Your audiologist will discuss with you any hearing loss diagnosis or treatment options to ensure you are fully comfortable and informed regarding your health!