Tinnitus can be a very uncomfortable problem to experience. This is because it can cause sufferers to hear a variety of noises in their ears that are very annoying. Buzzing, ringing, crackling, hissing and other noises are all common with tinnitus.

Most people do not enjoy feeling like there is a mosquito constantly approaching their ear. So, healing tinnitus is usually highly desired. However, to heal tinnitus, it is very important to know exactly what is causing it. Here are some of the most common causes of tinnitus.

Earwax buildup

If too much earwax builds up inside of your ears, and it becomes impacted, then this can cause tinnitus to occur. If you believe this is happening to you, you can see an audiologist who can remove the earwax for you.

Loud environments

Places such as rock and roll concerts, manufacturing plants or race tracks can create tinnitus in some people. So, if you work in one of these environments, it could be causing your tinnitus. In fact, rock star Noel Gallagher, of Oasis, even claims to have tinnitus. Other rock stars such as Chris Martin and Pete Townshend also have tinnitus.


Smoking has been correlated to tinnitus. This appears to be due to the fact that it is an external irritant for your ears. People who smoke frequently can have an increased chance of smoking causing tinnitus. This is because it increases the amount of smoke irritation that your ears experience.

Vascular problems

Occasionally, irregularities with the blood vessels in the ear can cause tinnitus. Things such as high blood pressure, pregnancy or an overactive thyroid can cause these irregularities. The tinnitus often goes away when the blood pressure is normalized, when the baby is born or when the thyroid function is restored to normal.


Medications are another thing that can cause tinnitus. Some people simply do not react well to certain medications. Various diuretics, antibiotics and malaria medications are all capable of causing tinnitus. If you believe that this could be behind your tinnitus, then you should discuss it with your doctor. If your doctor agrees that this is the cause, then it may be a great idea to switch.