There’s a buzzing, a whizzing, no sound at all. There are myriad symptoms of hearing aids gone awry, but many issues can be solved with a few hearing aid hacks. No — you won’t need to get into “MacGyver” mode to work these hacks, but knowing a few of these tips and tricks could save you a costly trip to the hearing aid specialist.

Tips to fix your hearing aid

If your hearing aid stops functioning properly, try one of these quick fixes:

  • Clean the hearing aids: Hearing aids can (and should!) be cleaned often. In fact, cleaning your hearing aids on a regular, daily basis will help keep your devices functioning properly and may prevent the need for repairs. Focus on the microphone, shell and receiver during cleaning.
  • Replace the wax filter: Because earwax has the tendency to build up in the ear canal, most hearing aids come equipped with earwax guards or filters to help prevent the earwax from building up on the devices. Check the earwax guard to see that it is clean.
  • Replace the batteries: It’s likely that before you wore your hearing aids, you learned how to replace the batteries. To remove old batteries, use a multitool to aid in taking them out. The magnetic end of the multitool will pull old batteries out and can be used to insert new batteries. Make sure to wipe off any moisture on the battery surface before inserting and closing the hearing aid back up.
  • Open and close the battery compartment: As mentioned above, moisture can sometimes collect in the battery compartment. Open the battery compartment and wipe the inside and outside down to ensure no moisture is lingering inside, causing issues with power.
  • Remove and reinsert the hearing aid: Sometimes a hearing aid becomes dislodged within the ear canal, creating the illusion the devices aren’t functioning properly. Hearing aids typically become dislodged when there is excess earwax. Take time to gently clean the inside of your ears before returning your hearing aids back into the ear canal.
  • Check the input settings: Sometimes settings accidentally get bumped; creating issues we couldn’t have thought of. If you think this is the case and aren’t sure how to reset the input of your hearing aids, contact your hearing healthcare professional for assistance.

If your hearing aids still aren’t functioning correctly after running through this list of troubleshooting steps, give your hearing provider a call. Your hearing specialist will be able to examine and assess the condition of your hearing aids and then recommend the appropriate repairs.