Hearing aid fitting appointments can be very exciting for people who have hearing impairments. This is because hearing aid fitting appointments are often the first time that a hearing impaired person will get to experience the hearing improvements offered by hearing aids.

For many, this can mean a dramatic improvement in their ability to hear sound. This can be quite emotional. If you are about to attend a hearing aid fitting appointment, then here is what you can expect.


Hearing aid appointments often last for roughly one hour. Your appointment may be a bit longer or a bit shorter than that. However, an hour is typical. So, you should plan your schedule accordingly.


Your audiologist will need to make sure that the hearing aids that were ordered for you actually fit. So, he or she will have you try on your hearing aids and see if they fit in your ears properly. If they do, then this is ideal. However, if not, then new ones may have to be ordered.


If your hearing aids fit in your ears and are the right size, then the next step is for your audiologist to program your hearing aids for your hearing capabilities. During this process, your audiologist may try out a few different settings with you to see how you like them. He or she will adjust the settings based on your reactions to them.

Audiologists are trained to be able to adjust settings based on individual needs. So, he or she should be able to identify the ideal settings for you within a few tries. It is during this period that you should be able to experience the benefits of your hearing aids for the first time. This can be quite profound.


Receiving instructions will be the last part of your hearing aid fitting appointment. During this process, your audiologist will tell you how to use, maintain and care for your hearing aids. All of this information will be extremely important for you in the months and years to come. So, you should pay attention to it very carefully.

Follow-up appointment

Your audiologist will schedule a follow-up appointment with you to ensure your new hearing aids are working properly and you’re happy with them. Be sure to discuss any concerns with your audiologist about your hearing aids; they’ll be more than happy to help.