When you finally get your hearing aids, you’ll want to wear them all the time. Over time it might become a nuisance or a frustration, but there are a few reasons that you should be definitely wearing your hearing aids all day long, regardless of if you want to or not.

Helps you hear

If you think you should only be wearing your hearing aids while you’re in a noisy environment, you’re wrong. Actually, wearing your hearing aids when you aren’t in a noisy environment will actually help you hear better in those noisy environments! The world around you is never completely silent, and allowing yourself to adjust to the small noises will help your brain adjust when you get into noisier places.

Risk of losing hearing forever

Your brain is constantly killing and growing new neurons. If you aren’t actively using the hearing pathways, you risk killing off those essential neurons. The less you wear your hearing aids, the less your brain is using those hearing pathways.

Prevent other diseases

Hearing loss has been linked to many other diseases, like dementia. Allow yourself to be able to hear all of the time, and you lower the risk of developing some diseases early on. When your hearing is impaired, your brain has to work a lot harder to comprehend what’s going on around you. It has to work that much harder to hear the doorbell ring or your nephew asking you what time you have to be at church. It’s important to allow your brain to relax by wearing your hearing aids.

Make it a habit

If you are someone who’s constantly forgetting to put your hearing aids on in the morning, make a habit around the hearing aids. For example, if, when you wake up, you brush your teeth, wash your face and then head into the kitchen for breakfast, stick your hearing aids right next to your toothbrush or in the same drawer as your face wash. You’ll be immediately reminded to stick them in your ears, and it will eventually become a habit you don’t even have to think about.

You’ll want to make a habit of wearing your hearing aids consistently. It’s the best way to ensure that your hearing will get better with those hearing aids and allow your brain a chance to finally relax.

If you have more questions about how to get the most out of your hearing devices, don’t hesitate to contact your audiologist and discuss any concerns.